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Friday, September 28, 2007

sammy could totally do that...

forkers = cat lover's kindred.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On a National Level

With many thanks to frame-makin' master and Yankee Hubby Tom for the tip, here's the National's set at ACL. I will say that of all the acts I saw there, they definitely stole the show and that's not something I'd say just because I really like them. Andrew Bird, Bloc Party, Crowded House, Common, Steve Earle--they were all fan-effing-tastic, but damn, the National was able to top their Emo's show Saturday night with a 1:30 p.m. time slot Sunday in glaring sun. I don't know how that's done, but they did it.

Way delayed sidenote (sorry, family reunion threw me off schedule): Check out my photos from the festival if you're bored (but beware they'll appear much darker on a CRT monitor than an LCD).

(photo of Matt Berninger © Merritt Martin, 2007.)

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Monday, September 24, 2007


so the guys at work said they were going to gatti's for lunch, but i have to wonder about that, because james brought back a tasty treat from whole foods (or, as he likes to call it, "the only grocery store in dallas"). applewood smoked bacon, alder wood smoked salt and deep milk chocolate make up mo's bacon bar. yeah, it sounds a little gross, but it actually tastes....almost good. it turns out they have lots of other flavors available too -- anyone up for a kalamata olives and venezuelan white chocolate bar?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This Might Be

The worst idea ever.

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hump day entertainment, anyone?

this damn tangerine panic game is driving me nutty.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


FCU with Bill Murray

this just makes me happy, but i have to question their decision around 2:45 in...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hells yeah

ok, it was dark out and we were drunk. but after a badass game against toronto fc and a chance to meet my beloved dominic oduro, all of jason's dreams came true when we walked out of poppy's just as alex yi and juan toja showed up. nerver, you know you're jealous.

Happy Birthday, Finn!

Today we celebrate the 9th year of my beloved kitty, Thomas-Jay Finn Martin. Also known as Steeky, Monkeyfoot, Chi-Chi, Finnjamin and various other nicknames, Finn came to be mine on September 12, 1998. He is a beeb.
Thanks to Jake for the photos!

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

His Beautiful Life

It's been a long week. It started with a call from a good friend telling me the nauseating news of Carter's horrible death and ended with a tribute to him on the Adventure Club that allowed many of us a bittersweet opportunity to hear his powerful speaking voice. In that span of time, I've gone from shaking and sobbing to randomly teary to grateful for knowing that incredible soul (and every combination and order of those).

I admittedly didn't know Carter well enough to call him up for a confessional chat or anything, but since I've been legal to get into most shows around here, the tall and talented one has been a fixture in my social scene. There are different types of musicians in the Dallas music scene: ones that figure a guitar and a threadbare shirt achieve enough rockstar cool, and the ones who have a no prints left on the tips of their fingers because they haven't parted from their instrument, well, practically ever. The latter are passionate ones that remember the names of people they meet at shows. The ones who think to suggest an album to you based on some conversation you had years ago when you said how much you loved both Neil Finn and Charlie Sexton and didn't know who you should place higher on your "If I Could Have a Celebrity Music Teacher" list. The ones who can slay your emotional soul with they way they sing that one "slave" in "Slave of Fashion" (you know the one - the slay-ee-aaave one) or rock away your hangover with Cuervo via song. That was Carter.

It's been weird. There are others who knew Carter far better than me. I find myself battling guilt for feeling that mourning sensation that probably should be reserved for those closer to him. And I think it's a combination of empathy and of feeling a loss of someone who brought so very much to my life in just those many brief encounters over the years. He did it through his music and through conversation, through generosity of soul and energy, and every so often a glance that said something of the moment like "Did you see that!? Please tell me you saw that!" He could put you on the floor laughing...or because you realized how freaking smart he was. I guess I mourn just as much for his very close friends (many of whom I know better than I did him) and family because I realize that if I feel the way I do for knowing Carter as peripherally as I did...well, I can't even imagine that loss.

I realize most folks have already made their tribute blogposts about Carter in a more timely fashion, but I felt like I had to go through the gambit of emotions, the wake, the funeral, listening to a lot of his music again and some time before I could do the man any justice. And yeah, I know I still haven't done him justice, so I'll just shut up now and go listen to more of his music...

To all of his friends and family (actual and musical), I hope peace may find you soon. To all of those fans and simple acquaintences like me, realize the treasure there is left in his music. And to Carter, I'll miss the comfort in seeing that knowing face around, but hope like hell it's looking down on us all here in Big D. May you continue to inspire, sir.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Carter Albrecht, RIP

Forgive me for the lateness on this, I spent much of today heading back from vacation along a traffic-jammed I-35. I found out the horrible news of the shooting of local musician and all-around great guy Carter Albrecht while I was standing in line in a small-town Dairy Queen bathroom--appropriate, since it is absolutely sickening.

Carter was an amazingly nice fellow to me and others...and incredibly talented. A studio musician for many major label artists, he also made Sorta, the Sparrows, even the Reunion Tower Revue at the Dallas Observer Music Awards (pictured above), better bands. I can't imagine how many people (bandmates, friends, family and fans) his death touches, but "very many" seems such an understatement.

I won't even bother summarizing the incident as it has already been done whilst I was making my way back to Dallas. Go here and here. When I hear more, I'll post again.

We here at Alex send our deepest sympathies to Carter's friends and family.

UPDATE: There have been many, many posts concerning the incident, his fellow musicians' feelings and thoughts on the matter and more at Unfair Park, The Fine Line, Frontburner, Boca Tinta and others. It's a lot to keep up with and other folks are doing waaaay better than we.