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alex trebek is a horrible, horrible man. he's an apparent misogynist who thinks he knows everything. we don't think you do, alex. but we still love the Jeopardy! ...and other things too.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Women's Chorus, Not Constantinople

Can't claim the find on this one. Pete at DC-9 gets credit. These ladies go to town on some They Might Be Giants. As I commented over there, I think the performance was lost on the audience. I could be wrong though. There could be a slew of TMBG fans at Women's Chorus events.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

waaaay better than found

working in the office that is predominately male, we usually end up having kitchen issues (especially since mirabel is out of town and there's no one to clean up after them at the moment), which leads to the occasional "clean up after yourselves please" notes/emails. see, it's nice around here -- we're catered to fairly well, what with free sodas and candy drawers and other ammenities -- so it seems that people think that there's a kitchen fairy that takes care of all the cleaning and stocking around here. not so, kind sirs.

so why do i bring this up? well, because earlier this morning james sent me this link in regards to the ever-constant soda problems everywhere, and now i'm totally obsessed with, quite possibly one of me new favorite sites (along with apostrophe abuse). damn entertaining, i must say. though i should be working....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

we all scream for ice cream

sure, it's a little chilly outside, but we know it's about to be hot as hell around here, so baskin robbin's 31ยข scoop night is coming at the perfect time. wednesday, april 30th from 5-10pm "participating" baskin robbins stores (check here for locations) will sell small scoops for 31 pennies. hells yeah!

which, of course, begs the question: what's everyone's favorite ice cream flavor?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Welcome Stage Dumps

Don't know why I've never directed you to this site, because as bathroom humor-related as it is, it's freakin' brilliant. I admit I know some of the peeps that run the Stage Dumps blog, but that doesn't take away from the glory.
This is my personal favorite. (For the photo as well as historical reasons.)


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yes, i'm still alive

first off, rano says hi. you know he's adorable. that's block in the background -- dot's foraging for food as usual.

so, i know i haven't shown my face around here in quite a while. too much work/school/afi going on. i'm barely keeping up with my scrabulous games, so you're gonna have to cut me a little bit of slack. luckily school will be over soon. but then there's maymester/summer school/etc to look forward to. damn responsibilities.

so, what's new, you ask?

deadliest catch starts tomorrow. we're still pretty upset that the rollo and my imaginary boyfriend corey still won't be back, but it doesn't matter -- it's still one of the bestest shows evar.

afi dallas was great -- totally worth it. lots of highlights and very few disappointents, so all in all, i'll totally do it again. and again. my list of upcoming recommendations for everyone: the little traitor, the visitor, the rest is silence, resolved, circus rosaire, public enemy: welcome to the terrordome, the wackness, and son of rambow. another bit of advice -- don't waste your time on fissure. i'm not even going to bother linking to the damn thing because it was so bad. there were plenty of other good movies, but i can't seem to think of any off the top of my head. though next year i fully intend to take advantage of that target lounge thing.

i have one more week of vacation to plan for. any suggestions? i'd like to get as far away from dallas as possible, and preferably use my passport in the most inexpensive way possible....

and for our update: 6 best shenanigans passed off as "art". yeah, you heard me. i'm sick of people pulling the art card out as a whim.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Like Laughing

Thanks to and IFC for this neat li'l package of The 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time. My faves include anything and everything from the State, "Ass Pennies" from Upright Citizens Brigade, the Mr. Show sketch (there should be more), Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL (of course) and #37 from Smack the Pony (one of the most unheard of and underrated shows).

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Canceled? You Don't Say!

Yeah, I'm being sarcastic, but part of me also really wishes I had seen Secret Talents of the Stars.

The story on CNN has more details, but really George Takai and Clint Black's "comedy" is all you need.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finn 1998-2008

Thanks for all of the well wishes from everyone this past month or so concerning the healthy and recovery of my best friend covered in hair, Finn.

Unfortunately, Monday's surgery found him with a liver riddled with cancer. The vet said he had perhaps a month left with us and because of the surgery two weeks of that time would be spent in a crate healing. We were floored and defeated. Then I received a call to come quickly to the surgery center as he might not make it for another hour. Something happened after the surgery and while he'd been an excellent candidate for it, he'd gone into severe shock and hemorrhage.

God, Buddha, the universe, whatever, heard me and the little guy waited for me to get there. He responded slightly to my touches and thankfully never felt a thing as he was still under some influence from the anesthesia. I (along with Jen and my mom) stayed with him for maybe five minutes until he left. I've never been more grateful to be there for such a sad event.

That kitty was my companion for 10 years. Through hard break-ups, moves, deaths of relatives and friends, and more important, some of the happiest times ever. Unconditional and unassuming. We shared an amazing bond, communication (he came when he was called and would answer specific questions--really very smart) and he comforted me on a daily basis.

I know many folks will say that I'm silly to feel such loss and emotion after this, but I'm not going to discredit those feelings as, like my good friend Matt said, they signify a great unconditional love that some people just aren't capable of, a charity to the innocent and the ability to truly feel something for another (human or not).

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages, cards, flowers, a balloon and in general their love. I love you for it and it really helps. Otto and I are doing better everyday, trying to get used to one less in the house. It's hard to not have Finn wake me everyday like clockwork (just so he could make me stay in bed to cuddle), so if I rise a bit later for a few days, forgive me.

Thanks again.