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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's Up Ninjas?

So here's a run down of what's been going on since we've not been paying much attention over here on Alex.

- Jen got a house and graduated from college. Big ups. Huge ups. Especially for the 3.9 GPA. How about a little applause? Yeah, that's right!

- Been working pretty hard and yet hardly working. Dad joke. In honor of John H. Martin's birthday this week, I had to.

- Jake and I got a dog. The handsome Henry. He and Otto are not getting along, but these things take time. He is a rather high energy doggie however, so last night he received his dinner in a snack ball. Roll for kibble, Henry! Otto observed from his roost on top of the refrigerator.

- We have some new blogs to share with you:
Geoff Johnston's The Hanging Brain. This is where Johnston does and says all the stuff you never expect anyone--with the exception of Geoff Johnston--to do or say.
Noah W. Bailey's Tha Juggalizer. After a recent video viewing of Insane Clown Posse fans (aka Juggalos) at the 10th anniversary "Gathering" celebrating all things ICP, Noah has now taken it upon himself to turn unwilling celebrity 8x10s into effing Ninjas up in this piece, yo. It's amazing how horrific "clown" make-up can make Angela Landsbury.

-You can also follow us on Twitter at @nerver or @squee_23 and if you play XBox, you can ask us for our gamer tags. We slay at Peggle!

What's new with you?

UPDATE: Henry was a sweet doggie but we discovered he had a taste for cat tail that couldn't be satisfied even after he unfortunately got a couple of bites of Otto's.
Otto is just fine now. His tail is no worse for the wear and he's calmed down a lot. The animal behaviorist we worked with agreed they could not live together and to return him was the best action, given Otto's traumatic past abuse and having no idea of Henry's early life. We were very emotional about the decision, but it turns out it was for the best because Henry has apparently found an awesome, loving no-kitty home!! I hope he got to take his loofah dog toy with him.

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