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alex trebek is a horrible, horrible man. he's an apparent misogynist who thinks he knows everything. we don't think you do, alex. but we still love the Jeopardy! ...and other things too.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

For reals philip

i will start posting again soon, you just have to let me enjoy my vacation first.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

our xmas wish lists

will have lots of stuff on them for sure, but merritt and i would be more than happy to accept a total panda experience. if anyone wants to fork out the $2000 to send us (btw, that's for both of us to go -- what a steal!), we'd love you forever. IJS.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Slanket vs. Snuggie

So my Facebook status of wanting a big blankie, a mug of something and the TV prompted blog-pal Sophie to suggest a Snuggie. "Well, Hells bells!" I gasped. Seems ol' Snuggie has taken the idea of the Slanket (something that has been on my wish list for ages due to it's $40+ price tag) and slashed the price in half. What?! Yeah, I know. Awesome.
Except for one thing. While the Snuggie site does boast a charming video, it just cannot compare to the amazing descriptions of color found on the Slanket site. Who wrote these? Where are they now? Can I buy them a cup of coffee while they sit toasty under a SlanketSnuggie?

Since I can't put the whole page here, I'll tease you with one: the Castlerock grey:
"The high intensity discharge lights washed the steel vault in an antiseptic glow. Cold gray walls as thick as the armor of a battleship. Each man had his own reason for being there, that night. Yet they all shared one common interest. When the last seal on the door had been cracked, their treasure was revealed, The Slanket, in Castlerock Grey."

Check them all out here. And might I suggest that such an item would make a great gift this holiday season.

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D-Town Boogie

Check this, yo.
Introduction to D-Town Boogie from Dallas Observer on Vimeo.
My first bit part...the least I could've done was stand up straight. But Brittan rocks the house.

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