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alex trebek is a horrible, horrible man. he's an apparent misogynist who thinks he knows everything. we don't think you do, alex. but we still love the Jeopardy! ...and other things too.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


these guys got married. ask her about it.



Blogger josh said...


6:23 AM  
Anonymous Michael LaRocca said...

On a totally unrelated subject, tonight's Jeopardy included "lesser known dwarfs." No contestant knew one of them, which gave Alex the chance to say, "My favorite... Sleazy."

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Michael LaRocca said...

Congratulations on getting married! Great glasses.

5:09 PM  
Blogger 4MC said...

Most comments are wrong, she is NOT a dirty stinking filthy whore. ;)

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Michael LaRocca said...

Y'all need to come out of retirement to celebrate Trebek's retirement

5:39 AM  

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