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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

infinite summer - who's in?

yes, i'll admit it. as an avid bibliophile (which my future movers will attest to, those poor box-carrying souls), i have picked up and put down infinite jest more times than i care to admit. i'm one of those people. i've ended up giving away 3 (i think) copies of the book to people who seemed more determined than myself (i'm pretty sure oliver was the only one who finished), but recently i bought yet another copy in anticipation of infinite summer, the online "really, this time we're going to finish the damn thing" reading group. reading is scheduled (loosely i assume) from june 21 through september 22, averaging an easy peasy 75ish pages a week.

so who's going to join me? and don't give me any of your dumb excuses - i have to move, construct, paint, take a mediation class and graduate during this time and i'm doing it.

nerver is still on the fence, but has her copy ready, just in case....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have also begun and begun the Jest, alas never to finish. Bret, on the other hand, picked it up once and read it through. He carried everywhere and anywhere he might encounter a spare five minutes. There was a lot of laughing out loud and an annoying insistence on reading passages to me. The bitterness I carry about that time in our lives has prevented me from trying again...but if you are gonna...

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