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Monday, January 05, 2009

Good to Know.

I lamented the death of the age-appropriate temper tantrum long ago. I remember the sheer, unadulterated release of energy from screaming, crying and flailing various limbs until that first yawn. After that there was no possible way to keep up the physicality of the tantrum, nor the wailing. Then, I'd just (usually) drift off to a solid sleep and awake with nary a care the next morning save for puffy eyes and the occasional sore foot or fist from beating the mattress. Then at age 7 or 8, that got inappropriate. And that totally sucked.

Now, it seems my young mind knew more about relieving stress than my adult one. It is actually beneficial to have a tantrum? Yes! Well, not so much with the pounding fists or the face-in-pillow action, but with short bursts of shouting. I'm all about this.

And if you see me in my car with my mouth shouting loud enough to hear outside, but otherwise looking normal and not in danger, please carry on.

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