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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

write what you know

i have joined the masses and now have dvr thanks to time warner (and the badass early cable guy). my television viewing is no longer tied to when nerver gets home -- yay me! i will never have to miss another episode of heroes or always sunny or project runway or anything else. ever. it's a whole new world -- now i just have to buy into that whole hd thing...

and this dvr entered my life at the perfect time, because nanowrimo starts in less than 13 hours and who knows when i'll have time to watch anything.... who's joining me?!?!

and for the happiest news of all, stars are playing at house of blues tonight, and it's not too late to get your tickets, so i expect some of you guys to show up. halloween schmalloween -- it comes around every year but stars don't, so you have no excuse (except for justin and shauna cause it's their anniversary and all...). jennifer and i will be there front and center (no, i'm not speaking in the third person) so get your asses out there.

and now for nerver's weirdass find of the week (go ahead and get about a minute and a half in):


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