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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

tis the season...

to spend all of our hard-earned money from the year. oddly enough, i haven't even put up my xmas tree yet (of course i didn't take it down til mid-summer, but that's another story), but i'm almost through with all of my xmas shopping. yay! tea sets and tee shirts, dvds and books are all on their way to me, thanks to the comfort of online shopping. that and the fact that things have finally reached a normal pace here at work and i can function with the rest of society once again....

so, in shopping for others, i of course end up finding about a million things i want for myself (hey there new digital camera!), including this big ass monchhichi from my new favorite shopping site, i can't help it -- i'm a sucker for this stuff. i've loved them since i was a kid, and you can never have too many monchhichis!

so, dear friends who i have been neglecting, what's on your whislists this year? not that i'm offering (unless anyone needs a scarf or something), but it's always nice to know what people like -- you know, just in case.


Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

As always, world peace and a desire to travel are top of my list.

11:06 AM  
Blogger jen said...

shame on me -- i usually put travel above everything else. i'm a selfish one.

but i hope to make it to the uk in a few months, so that should be nice.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

Excellent. If you make it to the UK and come to London gimme a yell.

1:57 AM  

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