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Monday, February 25, 2008

jen's blogroll says...

so, i'm suspecting work's going to get a bit hectic soon, so i'm going to spend as much time as possible finding randomness online. cause that's way more fun than editing puzzles at the moment. so here's what i've come across as of late:

the world's 16 least inspiring flags. 'nuff said.

wii fitness will be available in may, at which time merritt and i will no longer have to dodge my four-legged roommates while playing ddr.

elmo hates children (or at least one of them).

and my new "game" of the day: guess my crime.

btw, not to sound morbid or anything, but one of my favorite parts of the oscars is when they do the tribute to the people who died within the past year. (still wondering about the brad renfro/roy scheider omissions, btw). what makes me feel bad though is that when it's a star who passed on, everyone claps politely. when it was a sound editor or make-up artist, you rarely hear any applause. what's that about? i mean these people obviously had enough of a role in the industry to warrant some recognition from the academy, so what's up with these celebrities sitting on their hands for non-famous people? just wondering.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

lazy bitch

i love ross wolinsky because he gives me things like this:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Aubrey Obama

Jen and I are both huge Degrassi: The Next Generation fans. So, it seems only natural then that I would notice this crazy physical favoring between our beloved "Jimmy" (Aubrey Graham, actor and rapper aka Drake) and presidential candidate Barack Obama. See if you agree:

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Friday, February 15, 2008


justin posted this and now i want to call australia:

btw, i think i totally rocked my history test, but i won't find out til next week. yay for studying!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

screw the colonists

i have a history test on thursday, so you're going to have to make merritt post all the interesting things this week, cause i'm a bit of a head case at the moment. though i believe i took a few tests in college, i don't remember having to prepare for such rote memorization in over a decade. my head will soon explode, and i probably still won't know the differences between the pilgrims, the puritans, the huguenots, calvinists and whoever else came over on big boats a couple of centuries ago. they're all the same to me. wish me luck!

Friday, February 08, 2008


Saw this today and it blows my mind. Love it.

Thanks to Guy R. for the linkage.

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so they released the official sxsw line-up yesterday. i remember in high school/college when we would go all the time, but i think i'm just getting old or something because i really have no desire to go anymore. sure, i'd like to get the chance to see a few people, but now that the days of the $50 wristband are gone (along with my ability to deal with crowds), i think i will once again sit it out. besides, we're entering the busy season around here. sadly, with the shortage of local venues these days, who knows if we'll get the usual onslaught of shows as the bands go to and from austin, but gogol bordello will be here on my birthday so there's always hope.

don't fret though, cause i ain't upset. why, you ask? well, i've traded in my music festival goer membership card in exchange for the film fest variety. i enjoyed afi dallas so much last year that i'll be pulling out all the stops this year. yours truly will be taking off a week of work (along with brad and merritt) and will be sitting in dark rooms with strangers for hours on end. who wants to join us?!

Monday, February 04, 2008

i don't know what jason does all day

but he does bring fine gems like this to my attention:

better than a panic attack

so after being curled up in a ball swearing this time, for real i'm dying, james gave me a xanax and the first panic attack i've had in a very long time went a way.
and then roach said this would make me fell better.

indeed, cuteness always make me feel better. did everyione get a chance to check out puppy bowl last night? that's what i'm sayin'...

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Rich offers that the screaming stain is akin to a large mole on someone's face.

In other notes concerning the Super Bowl, I'm thrilled about the Giants' win. I am not a Tom Brady fan. Thought it was cool that Eli wins the year after Peyton. Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet kicked ass. And then I spent the next 14 hours following the last cheese ball developing this awesome stomach virus that has more evil spirit than the unseen forces on Lost. But I shall overcome.

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