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alex trebek is a horrible, horrible man. he's an apparent misogynist who thinks he knows everything. we don't think you do, alex. but we still love the Jeopardy! ...and other things too.

Friday, August 31, 2007


according to the pitchfork people (another fork related site i frequent waaay too much) everyone's favorite comedian, michael showalter will be releasing a comedy album november 13. this is something i'm actually looking forward to, and i'm the girl with no sense of humor.

also of the interesting entertainment news variety:

degrassi: tng will be airing on the artist formerly known as the wb, so now all you fools who thing you're too good for the n will be able to join in on the love affair we have with canadian melodrama. i assume it's starting from the beginning, before manny turned into a slut, paige went lesbo, and craig went insane. the real question: are they going to air the abortion episode? only time will tell...

we went and saw the king of kong last night. damn fine entertainment. billy mitchell is a tool. yes, i know that the makers of the film probably intentionally edited it to make the billy look like an idiot, but i'm sure he gave them plenty to work with. sheesh.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

allroy saves

sadly, our favorite member of all had a heart attack on august 11th. it appears as though he's doing well, but we all know that musicians make jack and being a badass bassist doesn't come with health insurance, so if you feel like being generous and helping one of the nicest guys in the whole wide world pay for his insane medical bills, click on the link and make a donation.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Go Eat Here

Out on the hunt for Jen's new seating arrangement, we encountered some crazy shit this weekend (I'll keep count for you).

First, the Plano Bazaar. As some guy yelled "Miguelito!" over and over again, we looked for DFW Furniture Direct. We also found a baby Jesus statue (two) that I wish I'd had my camera on hand for. Lying prone, he, with locks of luxurious brown curls, had his arms in position and an expression on his face that seemed to say, "Who me? Sorry!" in a ho-hum sort of sit-com way. Awesome. And he was two-feet long.

Then we discovered the pho place. Pho Que Huong--which is not as cool pronunciation-wise as Pho Kim, but still has a nice ring to it upon first glance--had some dynamite Pho for a chain eatery. And it was cheap. Jen and I put away some pork gòi cuõn, bbq meatballs, pho and cà phê sû'a dá (pardon my accent marks, some of them are proving elusive) for about $10.50 a piece before tip. Now, just cut it down to one appetizer or none, go with water instead of the coffee and it'd be an even cheaper and still freakin' hearty lunch. Plus, we overheard stripper talk (three), saw some guys hanging out listening to Tejano by one of those windmill fill-up-your-water-jug places (four) and then found the furniture place where Jen procured her seatery. Success!

We then proceeded to get lost (five) on the back way to IKEA where, batteries are hard to find but extra stuff you don't really need to buy right then isn't. We did, however, leave with cups of icey lingonberry soda, which we did so very much need. Delicious.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


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Monday, August 13, 2007

can i get a hell yeah?

i'm crazy excited because i just found out that it's always sunny in philadelphia is starting up again next month. hopefully i'll have my new couch by then, and have a nice little watching party...

here's a little fun video to get you in the mood:

btw, i got a promotion at work -- i'm now the boxerjam content manager! three cheers for jen! i will have far less time to travel the blogosphere, but i promise, i'll still be here for you guys.

Friday, August 10, 2007


tony wilson.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

that's you're excuse?

really mr. allen?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

a little help

so i'm dealing with this crazycrazycrazy person right now and it's exhausting. can i block his messages? call the hospitals and tell them they're missing a patient? what to do, what to do....

you know what i need? the what would bacon do? folder. for sure. because bacon is always right. bacon will lead me on the right path. bacon will know what to do.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Videos of the Day

I already like Flight of the Conchords, but this is hysterical:

"Pineapple!...Beef!...Jacques Cousteau!...Where is the swimming pool?"

And I tried like hell to find a clip of the 45-foot plunge by Jake Brown at the X-Games but alas, ESPN is on YouTube ones like a hawk, so here's but a link. It was amazing. I crack my tailbone slipping on ice, and this guy plunges more than 45 feet (which blows his shoes off upon impact) and comes out with a bruised lung and liver. Gets up and with a bit of help walks away. Not that those injuries aren't serious, but as someone who would never even survive such an accident, he's my hero.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Puggaballoo - Video of the Day

If you know my pug Rashomon, you know that when he gets excited sometimes he chirps sorta like a parrot. He also has a vendetta against the trash truck and the postman but he has never once done this:

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